Depositing data in external archives

The University of Bath University of Bath Research Data Archive will accept data from any research project undertaken at the University, but sometimes it may be more appropriate to deposit data in an external repository, data archive or data centre:

Finding a suitable data archive

As a first step, you should check if your funder places a requirement on you to use a particular archive:

Some other funders do not have a strict requirement but provide a list of recommended data repositories:

Similarly, some journals require that data underlying submissions should be archived, and specify one or more archives they consider acceptable:

In the absence of recommendations from either your funder or journal, you can look up data repositories relevant to your discipline using the following services:

Assessing the suitability of an external data archive

If you are unsure whether an external data repository is a suitable long-term home for your data, consider the following questions:

For more guidance, see the checklist 'Where to keep research data' (external website), published by the Digital Curation Centre.

For advice on the suitability of a given archive, please contact the Library's Research Data Service.

Depositing your data

Each archive has its own set of procedures for data deposit, so please consult your chosen archive for more information.

Once you have deposited your data, you should either create or update the record for the dataset in Pure. In the section 'Data availability', provide the name of the archive you used as the publisher, and if your dataset has been assigned a DOI, enter it in the appropriate place.

If there is already a record for the dataset in the University of Bath University of Bath Research Data Archive, you should update that as well. Fill out the section 'Data held outside the archive' on the 'Upload' tab, or contact the Library's Research Data Service so we can do it for you.