Metadata Policy

All published metadata are released under a CC0 licence.

Minimum metadata for publishing

The Research Data Archive has defined a minimum set of metadata required for publishing.

These are considered essential for making datasets discoverable and usable, so it is a good idea to collect this information as early as possible.

This is generated by the system
This is the person or people who should be cited with the dataset.
May simply be "Dataset for [journal article title]" or similar
A good description of the nature and content of the dataset will help users decide whether or not to access the data themselves
The department(s) in which the creators are based
Research Funder
The bodies or individuals responsible for funding part or all of the data.
The format is flexible and may be a file, a link or a description of the processes used to create the data. You can supplement this with templates and additional documentation where appropriate.
University of Bath unless this is an information record about data archived in a third-party system
Publication Year
The date the data became available (with or without restrictions). If the data are embargoed, it should normally be the end of the embargo period.
Rights Holder
The University normally holds the rights to data generated by staff and students. However, datasets can also include content from third parties, or in which there is copyright or other intellectual property.
Contact Person
This person must be listed as a Creator of the Dataset. External users wishing to gain access to a restricted dataset should use the button available on every record which is not completely openly downloadable to contact the Archive.