Far-infrared magnetospectroscopy (FIRMS) simulation tool

The firms_sim code and its associated scripts and programs may be used to simulate far-infrared magnetospectroscopy spectra.

Computational chemistry

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Kragskow, J., Chilton, N., 2022. Far-infrared magnetospectroscopy (FIRMS) simulation tool. Version 1.1. Software Heritage. Available from: https://archive.softwareheritage.org/swh:1:rev:80b....


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Jon Kragskow
University of Manchester; University of Bath

Nicholas Chilton
University of Manchester


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This record relates to V1.1 (commit 80b8202d) in the GitLab repository. Please cite the associated paper in preference to citing this software directly.


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Studentship (Jon Kragskow)

Royal Society University Research Fellowship (Nicholas Chilton)

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Publication date: 15 November 2022
by: Software Heritage

Version: 1.1

Official landing page URL: https://archive.softwareheritage.org/swh:1:rev:80b...

URL for this record: https://researchdata.bath.ac.uk/id/eprint/1268

Related papers and books

Kragskow, J. G. C., Marbey, J., Buch, C. D., Nehrkorn, J., Ozerov, M., Piligkos, S., Hill, S., and Chilton, N. F., 2022. Analysis of vibronic coupling in a 4f molecular magnet with FIRMS. Nature Communications, 13(1). Available from: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-022-28352-2.

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