Metadata Protocol

All published metadata are released under a CC0 licence.

Minimum metadata for the University of Bath Research Data Archive

The University of Bath Research Data Archive provides a catalogue of the research data produced at the University. It is independent from, but kept synchronised with, the University's current research information system, Pure.

In order to ensure that the datasets in the Archive are discoverable and usable, each record must contain at least the following information.

Each dataset is identified by an integer generated by the system. Datasets published through the Archive are also allocated a DOI as a persistent, globally unique identifier. The DOIs of datasets published elsewhere are also recorded.
This is the person or people who should be cited with the dataset.
This should identify and describe the data out of context, but may simply be "Dataset for [journal article title]" or similar.
A good description of the nature and content of the dataset will help users decide whether or not to access the data themselves.
These are the University of Bath departments in which the creators of the dataset are based. Should the main contacts for the dataset become unavailable, Archive staff will use this information to identify possible secondary contacts. Information about affiliations to internal research centres is also collected for the same reason.
Research Funder
This ensures that funders are duly acknowledged and may be used by those searching for data. Archive staff use this information to ensure that the long-term curation of the dataset complies with the fundersā€˜ research data policies.
This enables the dataset to be understood, verified and reused. Depositors must supply this information to the Archive. The format is flexible and may be a file, a link, or a description of the processes used to create the data. The methodology can be supplemented with templates (e.g. blank questionnaires, semi-structured interview guides) and additional documentation where appropriate.
Data Archive
This enables the Archive to track whether it or another service has taken primary responsibility for keeping the data available.
Publication Year
This refers to the date on which the dataset was, or will be, made available for sharing, whether openly or with restrictions, after any embargoes expire. It is used in the administration of the Archive, and forms part of the dataset's citation. The month and day of publication are usually collected as well.
Rights Holder
The University normally holds the rights to data generated by staff and students. However, datasets can also include content from third parties, or in which there is copyright or other intellectual property rights held by individual creators or contributors, or third party organisations.
Contact Person
This is the Creator to whom enquiries about the dataset might be made in the second instance. All enquiries, including requests for access, must be directed through the Research Data Service in the first instance.