Repository Protocols

Accessibility Protocol

The Accessibility Protocol describes the current accessibility features of this Archive, any known issues, and plans to improve the accessibility of the site in future.

Collection Development Protocol

The Collection Development Protocol describes the scope of the Archive, the terms under which items are deposited, and the takedown procedure in case of any alleged rights violation.

Metadata Protocol

The Metadata Protocol describes the minimum mandatory metadata set required for datasets published through this Archive, and the terms under which metadata records are made available.

Licence Protocol

The Licence Protocol lists the licences under which datasets published through this Archive may be released.

Preservation Protocol

The Preservation Protocol outlines the principles that underpin the main activities of the Archive in the active preservation of data for use and re-use.

Retention Protocol

The Retention Protocol outlines how decisions are made in respect of the retention and expiration of deposited items.

Data Deposit Agreement

All depositors must agree to the terms of the Data Deposit Agreement to ensure the Archive can execute its functions in a legally compliant manner.