Dataset for "How Harassment is Depriving Universities of Talent: A national survey of STEM academics in the UK"

We recruited 835 faculty members from 40 universities in the United Kingdom (UK) via our networks within UK STEM departments. Participants were drawn from various STEM departments, including biological science (18%), computer science (7%), engineering (28%) mathematical science (16%), and physics (13%). Respondents completed an online survey in which details about their employment were collected at the beginning and additional demographic information was collected at the end. The middle section of the survey contained measures of: identity and career perceptions; staying in academia; collaborative working style, received opportunities; workplace diversity and inclusion and affective workplace climate; experience of harassment; and assessment of a workshop intervention.

STEM academics, workplace climate, diversity and inclusion, gender gap

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Blackwood, L., Litzellachner, L., 2023. Dataset for "How Harassment is Depriving Universities of Talent: A national survey of STEM academics in the UK". Bath: University of Bath Research Data Archive. Available from:


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SPSS file containing all data from survey of early career to senior academics from 40 STEM academic departments across the UK. The survey asked questions about academic identity, workplace climate, experiences of support and bullying, and intentions to stay in STEM academia.


Leda Blackwood
University of Bath


University of Bath
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Data collection method:

An cross sectional online survey was conducted via Qualtrics. The survey was distributed via networks to STEM Departments across the UK. The full data set is contained in the SPSS file. Coding of the data and creation of new variables in contained in the R-script. Also contained in the R-script is analysis associated with a paper testing a model predicting intentions to leave academia.

Additional information:

R Script included to assist in interpretation of coding and analysis.

Documentation Files

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Contains information to assist in interpreation of coding and analysis of data.

Legal and Ethical Documents

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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Reimagining Recruitment: Inclusion Matters

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Publication date: 7 December 2023
by: University of Bath

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Related papers and books

Litzellachner, L. F., Barnett, J., Yeomans, L., and Blackwood, L., 2024. How harassment is depriving universities of talent: a national survey of STEM academics in the UK. Frontiers in Psychology, 14. Available from:

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