Lattice dynamics of the rhenium and technetium dichalcogenides

The rhenium and technetium dichalcogenides are layered van der Waals semiconductors which show a large number of Raman-active zone centre phonon modes as a result of their unusually large unit cells and deviation from hexagonal symmetry. They thus offer the possibility of introducing in-plane anisotropy into composite heterostructures based on van der Waals materials, and Raman spectroscopy is generally used to determine their in-plane orientation. We show that first principles calculations give a good description of the lattice dynamics of this family of materials and thus predict the zone-center phonon frequencies and Raman activities of TcS2. We consider the distribution of the phonon modes in frequency and their atomic displacements, and give a unified understanding of the phonon frequencies and Raman spectra of ReS2, TcS2 and ReSe2 in terms of the scaling of Raman frequency with the chalcogen mass.

Nanoscale materials

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Lewis Hart
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Raman microscopy and first principles calculations Files containing the measured data and the input parameters to the calculations are given here. The associated publication gives further details of the methodology.

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Tailoring Magnetic Properties of MN-CR Chalcogenide Alloys and Heterostructures

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Publication date: May 2016
by: University of Bath

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Wolverson, D., and Hart, L. S., 2016. Lattice Dynamics of the Rhenium and Technetium Dichalcogenides. Nanoscale Research Letters, 11(1). Available from:

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