Data set for "Choosing between conciliatory and oppositional leaders"

In this paper we examine the role of out-group signals and in-group leader tactics in the choice and evaluation of rival in-group leader candidates. Four on-line surveys were conducted using qualtrics. Each of these surveys is included in the dataset. Also included are the SPSS data files for each of the four studies as well as a syntax file which provides the syntax for the coding and transformations of items used in the analyses for the four studies. Further information on the analyses conducted specifically for this paper are found in the paper itself.

leadership, collective action, negotiation, game theory, intergroup processes, intragroup processes, leader prototypicality, leader effectiveness

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Leda Blackwood
University of Bath

Winnifred R. Louis
University of Queensland


University of Bath
Rights Holder


Collection date(s):

From 2013 to 2015

Temporal coverage:

From 2013 to 2015

Geographical coverage:

The US and UK


Data collection method:

On-line survey were conducted via qualtrics.

Data processing and preparation activities:

Data were analysed using SPSS software.


Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship. Compromising ‘mainstream’ Muslim voices: The paradox of community engagement.

Publication details

Publication date: 2017
by: University of Bath

Version: 1


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Related papers and books

Blackwood, L. and Louis, W., 2017. Choosing between conciliatory and oppositional leaders: The role of out-group signals and in-group leader candidates' collective action tactics. European Journal of Social Psychology, 47(3), pp.320-336. Available from:

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