Spitzer/IRAC observations of SMC Cepheids

Scowcroft, V., 2016. Spitzer/IRAC observations of SMC Cepheids. Vizier.

Dataset abstract

For the present survey we selected 92 Harvard variable Cepheids spread over the SMC. These objects have all been extensively studied over the years; archival optical and/or near-IR data is available for all of them and the vast majority were measured by OGLE (Udalski et al. 1992, 1997; Soszynski et al. 2010).Ninety fundamental mode SMC type I (and two type II) Cepheids were observed with Spitzer between 2010 August and 2012 January (Program ID 70010, P.I. Madore). Each light curve has 12 epochs, each spaced by approximately P/12 days, where P is the Cepheid's pulsation period.(2 data files).

Title: Spitzer/IRAC observations of SMC Cepheids
Departments: Faculty of Science > Physics
URI: https://researchdata.bath.ac.uk/id/eprint/336

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