Dataset for "On biogenic turbulence production and mixing from 1 vertically migrating zooplankton in lakes"

The dataset provides information of data collected on 21 July, 28 July and 28 August 2016 in Vobster Quay, a 40-m quarry, located in Radstock (UK). Data were collected during the diel vertical migration (DVM) of zooplankton at dusk to understand whether small zooplankton can generated turbulence in the lake interior. The dataset contains: (1) backscatter strength data from a 500-kHz ADCP by Nortek, (2) profiles of zooplankton concentration and (3) profiles of dissipation rates of turbulent kinetic energy acquired with a microstructure profiler.

Biomixing, ADCP, turbulence, SCAMP, backscatter strength, zooplankton, DVM
Civil engineering and built environment

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Simoncelli, S., Wain, D., Thackeray, S., 2018. Dataset for "On biogenic turbulence production and mixing from 1 vertically migrating zooplankton in lakes". Bath: University of Bath Research Data Archive. Available from:


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Danielle Wain
University of Bath

Stephen Thackeray
Centre of Ecology and Hydrology


University of Bath
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Collection date(s):

From 21 July 2016 to 18 August 2016

Geographical coverage:

Vobster Quay, Radstock (UK)

Geospatial area:

North 51.2475° East -2.41984° South 51.2448° West -2.42737°


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Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0


FP7 People: Marie-Curie Actions (PEOPLE)

Marie Curie Career Integration Grant - ZooMix: Zooplankton Generated Mixing

Zooplankton Generated mixing in Stratified Lakes

Publication details

Publication date: 27 July 2018
by: University of Bath

Version: 1


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Related papers and books

Simoncelli, S., Thackeray, S. J. and Wain, D. J., 2018. On biogenic turbulence production and mixing from vertically migrating zooplankton in lakes. Aquatic Sciences, 80(4). Available from:

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