Dataset for "Mitigation versus adaptation: Does insulating buildings increase overheating risk?"

Dataset for journal article "Mitigation versus adaptation: Does insulating buildings increase overheating risk?". The dataset contains the summary simulation results of the building simulation parametric study (EnergyPlus v8.9) for overheating, natural ventilation and space heating demand (annual simulations with yearly indicators). The dataset contains the performance of all the buildings that combine the following parameters: dwelling types, insulation levels, thermal mass, window sizes, shading strategies, internal gains, window opening rubrics, algorithms, infiltration levels, building orientations and locations.

thermal comfort, overheating, energy policy, insulation, building simulation

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Fosas, D., Coley, D., Natarajan, S., Herrera Fernandez, M., Fosas de Pando, M., Ramallo-Gonzalez, A., 2018. Dataset for "Mitigation versus adaptation: Does insulating buildings increase overheating risk?". Bath: University of Bath Research Data Archive. Available from:


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Dataset. See documentation in attached README file and in original journal publication.

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Daniel Fosas
Researcher, Data Collector
University of Bath

David Coley
Project Leader
University of Bath

Sukumar Natarajan
Work Package Leader
University of Bath

Manuel Herrera Fernandez
University of Bath

Miguel Fosas de Pando
Universidad de Cádiz

Alfonso Ramallo-Gonzalez
Related Person
Universidad de Murcia


University of Bath
Rights Holder


Time period:

Yearly indicators

Geospatial point:

Latitude 30.13° Longitude 31.4°

Latitude 51.15° Longitude -0.18°

Latitude 28.58° Longitude 77.2°

Latitude 40.78° Longitude -73.97°

Latitude -23.61° Longitude -46.65°

Latitude 37.42° Longitude -5.9°

Latitude 31.17° Longitude 121.43°

Latitude -33.95° Longitude 151.18°


Data collection method:

Parametric building simulations in EnergyPlus v8.9.

Data processing and preparation activities:

See `readme.txt`.

Technical details and requirements:

See `readme.txt`.

Additional information:

See `readme.txt`.

Documentation Files

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Creative Commons: Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

README file. See further documentation in original journal publication.


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

COLBE - The Creation of Localized Current and Future Weather for the Built Environment

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Publication date: 26 July 2018
by: University of Bath

Version: 1


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Related papers and books

Fosas, D., Coley, D. A., Natarajan, S., Herrera, M., Fosas de Pando, M., and Ramallo-Gonzalez, A., 2018. Mitigation versus adaptation: Does insulating dwellings increase overheating risk? Building and Environment, 143, 740-759. Available from:

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