Data for the publication: 'Detection of low frequency continuum radiation'

These data illustrate the theory, data analysis, and exemplary results of the array processing described in the corresponding publication entitled 'Detection of low frequency continuum radiation'.

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Fullekrug, M., 2018. Data for the publication: 'Detection of low frequency continuum radiation'. Bath: University of Bath Research Data Archive. Available from:


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Martin Fullekrug
University of Bath

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Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Radio Tomography for Atmospheric Science

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Relativistic Electron Beams Above Thunderclouds

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Publication date: 2 August 2018
by: University of Bath

Version: 1


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F├╝llekrug, M., Koh, K., Liu, Z. and Mezentsev, A., 2018. Detection of Low-Frequency Continuum Radiation. Radio Science, 53(9), pp.1039-1050. Available from:

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