Dataset for "A Computer-Based Incentivized Food Basket Choice Tool: Presentation and Evaluation"

This study is part of a larger project funded by the European Union and involving leading universities across Europe, which the aim of understanding the drivers of nutritional choices. The project involves scientists from different disciplines such as neuroscience, psychology and economics. This particular study aims at understanding dietary choices and the link between nutrition and health. The data described here contains the variables used to produce the results in “A Computer-Based Incentivized Food Basket Choice Tool: Presentation and Evaluation” published in PLOS ONE.

Food science and nutrition

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Spiteri, J., James, J., Belot, M., 2018. Dataset for "A Computer-Based Incentivized Food Basket Choice Tool: Presentation and Evaluation". University of Edinburgh. Available from:


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Jonathan James
University of Bath

Michèle Belot
University of Edinburgh; European University Institute


University of Edinburgh
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University of Bath
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Collection date(s):

From 12 September 2016 to 16 September 2016

Geographical coverage:

Edinburgh, UK


Data collection method:

Data was collected at the Behavioural Laboratory at the University of Edinburgh (BLUE). The lab sessions ran from Monday 12th September to Friday 16th September 2016.


FP7 Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Biotechnology

NUDGE-IT – The Neurobiology of Decision-Making in Eating - Innovative Tools

Publication details

Publication date: 21 December 2018
by: University of Edinburgh

Version: 1


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Related papers and books

Spiteri, J., James, J., and Belot, M., 2019. A computer-based incentivized food basket choice tool: Presentation and evaluation. PLOS ONE, 14(1), e0210061. Available from:

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