Dataset for understanding material supply networks in the construction of disaster relief and refugee shelters using SNA

This data was used to produce a journal article entitled "Understanding material supply networks in the construction of disaster relief shelters: A social network analysis approach". The paper investigates if using social network analysis (SNA) enables another dimension to be analysed – the role of commonalities and why this might be particularly important when attempting to replace vernacular materials with higher-performing alternatives, or when encouraging the use of non-vernacular methods.

This data was collected for a journal article which analyzes supply networks using social network analysis method. Data contains results of 272 surveys conducted in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Turkey. The data was used to investigate supply networks using SNA in post-disaster reconstruction. Data includes details of the refugee housing materials, information on the suppliers, construction method and construction knowledge of the displaced - how they purchase? Where they purchase from? etc.

disaster relief, refugee shelters, SNA

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Kuchai, N., 2021. Dataset for understanding material supply networks in the construction of disaster relief and refugee shelters using SNA. Bath: University of Bath Research Data Archive. Available from:


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Noorullah Kuchai
University of Bath


Alexander Copping
University of Bath

David Coley
University of Bath

Dima Albadra
University of Bath

Natalia Paszkiewicz
University of Bath

University of Bath
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Data collection method:

Data was gathered from surveys conducted in the four countries. Principally, the questionnaire established the size of the shelters, the number of occupants, what materials were used in the construction of their shelters and where and how they were acquired. The level and sources of construction knowledge were also determined.


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Healthy Housing for the Displaced

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Publication date: 25 May 2021
by: University of Bath

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Related papers and books

Copping, A., Kuchai, N., Hattam, L., Paszkiewicz, N., Albadra, D., Shepherd, P., Sahin Burat, E., and Coley, D., 2021. Understanding material and supplier networks in the construction of disaster-relief shelters: the feasibility of using social network analysis as a decision-making tool. Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 12(1), 78-105. Available from:

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