Cross-metathesis of microbial oils for the production of advanced biofuels and chemicals

A range of microbial oils were cross-metathesized with ethene using Hoveyda-Grubbs 2nd generation catalyst. The products formed from the microbial oils were compared to alternative first and second generation oils. Upon separation, three separate fractions were produced: an alkene hydrocarbon fraction or aviation fuel fraction (AFF), a shorter chain triglyceride fraction that upon transesterification was suitable as a road transport fuel (RTF) and a volatile short-chain alkene fraction (gas phase fraction, GPF). The fuel fractions were purified through distillation and compared to the relevant fuel standards. Though there was variation for the road transport fuel fraction due to the presence of long chain saturates, all the RTF produced fell within the ASTM standard for biodiesel. The AFF was found to be highly suitable for aviation, falling entirely within the DEF-STAN fuel standard. In addition the AFF possessed a higher energy density than Jet A-1 while 1-decene was found to have a higher oxidative stability than jet fuel. Finally, the GPF was found to predominantly contain propene, butene and pentadiene isomers, all of which have application in the polymer industry. With further development, this process could provide the basis for a microbial oil biorefinery for the production of sustainable biofuels and polymer precursors.

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The data in this archive was collected under standard laboratory conditions. Full details of the experimental methods used are available in the experimental section of the corresponding publication.

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The source information for the figures presented in the publication is presented in one excel sheet called 'Data'. The NMR spectra from the oxidation are grouped in the folder "1-decene oxidation", each spectra is in a separate file with the time of oxidation as the title. Specialist NMR software (such as TopSpin) will be needed to access the data from these files. The GC data is also given, in the folder labelled "GC-MS". The folders are labelled with their contents and files detailing the peaks and integrals can be read using any typical internet browser or excel. The data taken from these source files has also been grouped in excel files. Physical properties data is given in one excel spreadsheet labelled 'Physical Properties'.


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Publication date: 2015
by: University of Bath

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Jenkins, R. W., Sargeant, L. A., Whiffin, F. M., Santomauro, F., Kaloudis, D., Mozzanega, P., Bannister, C. D., Baena, S., and Chuck, C. J., 2015. Cross-Metathesis of Microbial Oils for the Production of Advanced Biofuels and Chemicals. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 3(7), 1526-1535. Available from:

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