Datasets for “OmniPhotos: Casual 360° VR Photography”

This dataset contains the raw and processed data used to validate the results for the paper. Each subdirectory in the Preprocessed and Unprocessed folders contains a 360° video captured in a circle at different locations in the world, using an Insta360 One X 360° camera on a rotating selfie stick. These subdirectories are named after these locations. Both the proprietary (.insv) video format, as well as a stitched equirectangular (.mp4) video (used by our preprocessing pipeline), have been included. As well as these videos, each subdirectory contains the Input frames, used by our software to display the scene, a Capture directory that contains structure-from-motion data for the given scene, as well as a Config directory, which contains necessary configuration files to run our software.

In the Preprocessed directory, the subdirectories also contain a Cache directory, containing optical flow (.floss) files, a CSV file linking the floss files to the relevant images in Input, and .obj files that contain the scene-dependent proxy mesh (deformed sphere) used to render the scene.

Virtual Reality, Novel View Synthesis, Casual Capture, Image-Based Rendering, Motion Parallax

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Bertel, T., Yuan, M., Lindroos, R., Richardt, C., 2020. Datasets for “OmniPhotos: Casual 360° VR Photography”. Bath: University of Bath Research Data Archive. Available from:


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A directory containing preprocessed datasets. These contain the optical flow, csv files and meshes necessary to render the scene using the viewer in our software.
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A directory containing unprocessed datasets. These will need to be pre-processed using the omniphotos code and also contain the raw mp4/insv video files with the yaml files used to generate the input images for the datasets.


Tobias Bertel
University of Bath

Mingze Yuan
University of Bath

Reuben Lindroos
University of Bath


University of Bath
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Data collection method:

Full details of the methodology may be found in the associated paper.

Additional information:

Version 2 corrects two issues in Version 1: 1. The first scene in ("Ballintoy") was missing the fitted scene-adaptive proxy geometry; this has now been added. 2. The scene "Crescent" in contained an incorrect number of frames in the config file, producing a warning during preprocessing.

Methodology link:

Bertel, T., Yuan, M., Lindroos, R., and Richardt, C., 2020. OmniPhotos: Casual 360° VR Photography. ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia, 39(6). Available from:


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

6-DoF VR Video: Towards Immersive 360-degree VR Video with Motion Parallax

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Publication date: 18 December 2020
by: University of Bath

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Bertel, T., Yuan, M., Lindroos, R., and Richardt, C., 2020. OmniPhotos. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 39(6), 1-12. Available from:

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