Dataset for "Enzyme-Functionalized Cellulose Beads as a Promising Antimicrobial Material"

This dataset contains data obtained by Enzyme activity measurements (Cellobiohydrolase and Cellobiose dehydrogenase), rheological analysis of cellulose films (uniaxial large deformation studies), H2O2 evolution in films (short term and long term), and adsorption kinetic studies of the enzymes into cellulose films. Moreover, the dataset includes a word document with the microphotographs and figures of the published paper.

Cellulose, Glucose oxidase, enzyme immobilization, antimicrobial material, biodegradable, beads, hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, antibiotic resistance

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Califano, D., 2021. Dataset for "Enzyme-Functionalized Cellulose Beads as a Promising Antimicrobial Material". Bath: University of Bath Research Data Archive. Available from:


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Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0

The document contains all raw data used for the publication of the paper "Multi-Enzyme Cellulose Films as Sustainable and Self-Degradable Hydrogen Peroxide Producing Material"



University of Bath
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Data collection method:

The obtained data were obtained with different techniques: 1. Scanning electron microscopy 2. Rheometry analysis 3. Imaging analysis 4. Spectrophotometry 5. Growth inhibition (Kirby-Bauer Test)

Technical details and requirements:

Technical details and requirements: Microsoft office and any image viewer.


GCRF - Bio-inspired, Smart, Stable Enzymatically Driven Antimicrobials, Designed not to Increase Antimicrobial Resistance (BioSSEA)

Publication details

Publication date: 6 January 2021
by: University of Bath

Version: 1


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Related papers and books

Califano, D., Patenall, B. L., Kadowaki, M. A.S., Mattia, D., Scott, J. L., and Edler, K. J., 2021. Enzyme-Functionalized Cellulose Beads as a Promising Antimicrobial Material. Biomacromolecules, 22(2), 754-762. Available from:

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