Dataset for "ExMaps: Long-Term Localization in Dynamic Scenes using Exponential Decay"

This is the dataset that accompanies our publication "ExMaps: Long-Term Localization in Dynamic Scenes using Exponential Decay”. The data was collected over a period of time using a custom ARCore based android app. It depicts a retail aisle. The images can be found in the sub-folders “only_jpgs”. The rest of the ARCore data such as camera poses can be found in “data_all” subfolders for each day data was collected for. The data can be used to run the benchmarks from the original paper. It can also be used to reconstruct points clouds using SFM (structure from motion) software.

augmented reality, poses, images, frames, arcore frames, google phone, sequential, sessions, longterm, localization, localisation, pose estimation, benchmark, retail shop, indoor, dynamic environment
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Alexandros Rotsidis
University of Bath


Christof Lutteroth
University of Bath

Peter Hall
University of Bath

Christian Richardt
University of Bath

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Data collection method:

The data was collected over a number of weeks in a local grocery shop. It includes text files listing the 6DOF poses of the phone, and RGB frames. The frames and text files were acquired with a Google Pixel 2 phone, and the RGB frames were captured every 0.5 seconds at a resolution of 640 by 480.

Technical details and requirements:

A Google Pixel 2 phone was used for the collection of the data. The frames captures are the default camera frames that ARCore provides, under the name "CPU Images". The were stored locally on the phone and then extracted for use in our publication, "ExMaps: Long-Term Localization in Dynamic Scenes using Exponential Decay."

Additional information:

The data is provided in text files and RGB images, in a jpg format. The text files include additional information such as local poses.


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Digital Entertainment

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Publication date: 4 June 2021
by: University of Bath

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