Dataset for Synthesis of Photocatalytic Pore Size-Tuned ZnO Molecular Foams

Raw data files for XRD, HPLC, UV dosage, ICPMS, Eeo, MicroCT and hydrodynamic calculations associated with manuscript titled "Synthesis of Photocatalytic Pore Size-Tuned ZnO Molecular Foams"
XRD contains raw data of XRD spectra used to analyse crystallinity and crystal phase of ZnO samples.
HPLC contains the raw data used to produce degradation profiles of carbamazepine when exposed to the photocatalyst. UV dosage contains the raw data used to plot degradation against UV irradiation supplied to allow for greater analysis between flow rates of reactor.
ICPMS contains the raw data collected to analyse the concentration of metal in the pollutant stream, allowing for analysis of material stability.
Eeo contains the calculations used to work out the electrical energy efficiency of the system, allowing for analysis of efficiency when operating the reactor under different conditions.
MicroCT is the raw data collected from analysis of the 3D reconstruction of the samples, used to analyse the pore structure (size, sphericity, ect)
Hydrodynamic calculations contains the calculations conducted to understand the reactor system and to calculate key parameters allowing for the discussion of the reactor.

Photocatalysis, Micropollutant, Wastewater, ZnO, Porous Materials
Catalysis and surfaces
Environmental engineering
Pollution, waste and resources

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Warren, Z., Tasso Guaraldo, T., Wenk, J., Mattia, D., 2022. Dataset for Synthesis of Photocatalytic Pore Size-Tuned ZnO Molecular Foams. Bath: University of Bath Research Data Archive. Available from:


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ZW MolFoam Dataset
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Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0

Zip file containing raw data files for XRD, HPLC, ICPMS, UV dosage, Eeo, MicroCT and hydrodynamic calculations associated with manuscript titled "Synthesis of Photocatalytic Pore Size-Tuned ZnO Molecular Foams"


Zachary Warren
University of Bath

Jannis Wenk
University of Bath

Davide Mattia
University of Bath


University of Bath
Rights Holder


Collection date(s):

From 9 January 2012 to 31 August 2021


Data collection method:

XRD - sampling between 2 Theta of 20 - 90 with Cu K alpha xrays. HPLC - degradation experiments used 1 mL samples taken every 15 or 30 minutes. Analysis was performed on a Thermo Scientific Ultimate 3000 liquid chromatograph with a UV detector. CBZ analysis used a Thermo Scientific Acclaim 120 C18 column (3.0 X 75.0 mm, particle size 3.0 µm) and a Thermo Scientific Acclaim 120 C18 guard column (R) 120 C18 (3.0 X 10.0 mm, particle size 5.0 µm) The mobile phase was made up using 5.0 mM phosphoric acid and acetonitrile 70:30 (v:v) with a flow rate of 0.8 mL min-1, injection volume of 20 µL and detection wavelength of 285 nm. ICPMS - All samples, standards and blanks, were spiked with internal standard elements Be, In, and Re. The Zn concentration was calibrated using six synthetic standards prepared from a 1000 ppm Inorganic Ventures (VA, USA) standard. MicroCT - Data collected using a Nikon XT H 225 ST using a 178 kV x-ray source and 0.708 second exposure time, 3141 projections and 4 frames per projection and analysed using Thermo Scientific Avizo Software 9 3D data visualisation software.


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Fellowship - Photocatalytic Anodic Membranes for Micropollutant Removal

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Publication date: 4 May 2022
by: University of Bath

Version: 1


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Warren, Z., Guaraldo, T. T., Wenk, J., and Mattia, D., 2022. Synthesis of photocatalytic pore size-tuned ZnO molecular foams. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 10(21), 11542-11552. Available from:

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