Dataset for the results of fibrous plaster tests: Pull-off samples tensile tests.

Fibrous plaster tests have been conducted - fibrous plaster consists of gypsum plaster, hessian fibres and often a steel wire. It has been used for ceilings and as decorative features in theatres, civic buildings and private residences.

The data concerns the tests conducted to date concerning fibrous plaster pull-off test samples. Samples were made and tested in the laboratories of the University of Bath. Tensile tests were performed on 'pull-off' samples where an attached cylinder was pulled from a base plate to test the adhesion of the cylinder material to the base plate material.

Fibrous plaster, hessian fibres, Pull-off tests, jesmonite, fibreglass mat, quadaxial fibres, aramid gel, tensile tests
Civil engineering and built environment
Materials sciences

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Dams, B., 2023. Dataset for the results of fibrous plaster tests: Pull-off samples tensile tests. Bath: University of Bath Research Data Archive. Available from:


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excel spreadsheet containing the master data files and graphs of the fibrous plaster 'pull-off' adhesion tests.

Origin data … sample
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Detailed individual graphs of every test specimen in very sample group, with analysis of data performed concerning maximum load, strength and energy (work done, area under the grapoh curve) performed in Origin software.


Barrie Dams
Data Collector
University of Bath


University of Bath
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Collection date(s):

From 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2022


Data collection method:

Pull-Off: Twelve specimens each from multiple sample groups which consisted of a new cylinder element attached to a base plate, and the cylinder pulled off the base plate using tensile loading on a bespoke test rig. Sample groups included both hessian and quadaxial glass fibres, gypsum plaster, jesmonite and aramid gel. Bases were both clean and 'dirty' - with historic mould applied.

Technical details and requirements:

Pull-off: 100 kN capacity test rig Dartec Universal Testing Machine, displacement controlled tensile loading at 0.2 mm/min.

Additional information:

Data is available in Microsoft Excel spread sheets and Origin software output.


An overlooked heritage – Revealing the fibrous plaster ceilings of the UK

Historic England

Fibrous plaster commercial work

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Publication date: 13 September 2023
by: University of Bath

Version: 1


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Dams, B., Kumar, N., Kurchania, R., Stewart, J., Ansell, M., Harney, M., and Ball, R. J., 2023. Interfacial bond strength and failure modes of traditional and modern repair materials for historic fibrous plaster. Materials and Structures, 56(8). Available from:

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