Repository-Residuum model shape and volume assessment

Seminati, E., 2017. Repository-Residuum model shape and volume assessment. University of Bath.

Dataset abstract

The dataset includes data that have been presented and discussed in the paper entitled 'Validity and reliability of a novel 3D scanner for assessment of the shape and volume of amputees’ residual limb models', published in PLOS ONE Journal. Objective assessment methods to monitor residual limb volume following lower-limb amputation are required to enhance practitioner-led prosthetic fitting and the data collected in this database include the results and the statistical analysis performed to assess the validity and reliability of the 3D Artec Eva scanner (practical measurement) against a high precision laser 3D scanner (criterion measurement) for the determination of residual limb model shape and volume. Data include results of volumes, cross sectional areas, perimeters, body centre of mass position and sizes of ten different residual limb models (both transtibial and transfemoral).

Title: Repository-Residuum model shape and volume assessment
Subjects: Bioengineering > Novel industrial products
Mechanical engineering > Design and Testing Technology
Tools, technologies and methods > Instrumentation Engineering and Development
Tools, technologies and methods > Medical Instrumentation, Devices and Equipment
Departments: Faculty of Engineering & Design > Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences > Health
Faculty of Science > Computer Science

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