Data set for: Mo-doped TiO2 photoanodes using [Ti4Mo2O8(OEt)10]2 bimetallic oxo cages as a single source precursor

The data provided in this data set includes all the raw data collected during the characterization of Mo:TiO2 films: raw data of X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), Electrochemically active surface area (ECSA), X-Ray Diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR), UV-Vis spectroscopy, Photocurrent–Potential curves (J-V), Photocurrent–Time (J-t), Nyquist plots, IPCE (Incident photon-to-current efficiency) and Faradaic efficiency.


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Regue Grino, M., Armstrong, K., Walsh, D., Richards, E., Johnson, A., Eslava, S., 2018. Data set for: Mo-doped TiO2 photoanodes using [Ti4Mo2O8(OEt)10]2 bimetallic oxo cages as a single source precursor. Bath: University of Bath Research Data Archive. Available from:


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Katherine Armstrong
Cardiff University

Dominic Walsh
University of Bath

Emma Richards
Cardiff University

Andrew Johnson
University of Bath


University of Bath
Rights Holder


Collection date(s):

From 3 April 2017 to 31 August 2018


Data collection method:

See document attached for specific details of the data collection method.

Additional information:

The data, with the exception of the EPR data, are presented as tab-separated value (TSV) files. The convention used for the headings of the columns is Mo:TiO2-XXX where XXX is the annealing temperature employed during the preparation of the samples (as described in the experimental section of the manuscript). The detailed convention method used for each technique, with the corresponding units, is as follows: - X-Ray diffraction: x_Mo-TiO2-XXX (x axis, Units: 2theta), y_Mo:TiO2-XXX (y axis, Units: Intensity/arbitrary units) - Raman spectroscopy: Mo:TiO2-XXX_W (x axis, Units: Raman Shift/cm^-1), Mo:TiO2-XXX-I (y axis, Units: Intensity/arbitrary units) - XPS_single scan: Mo:TiO2-XXX_Y_BE where Y is the corresponding element analysed (i.e. Ti, O or Mo) (x axis, Units: Binding Energy/eV), Mo:TiO2-XXX_Y_I (y axis, Units: Intensity/arbitrary units). In this set of data there are additional columns belonging to the deconvoluted peaks of each element studied, labelled as Mo:TiO2-XXX-Y-P1 - XPS Survey Analysis: Mo:TiO2-XXX_BE (x axis, Units: Binding Energy/eV), Mo:TiO2-XXX-Survey (y axis, Units: Intensity/arbitrary units) - EPR: There is one file per sample studied. These files contain tables with fixed-width fields, and are therefore best viewed as plain text with a fixed-width typeface. - UV-Vis: eV (x axis, Units: Energy/eV) , Mo:TiO2-XXX_KM (y axis, Units: F(R)E^1/2) - J-V curves: E_Mo-TiO2-XXX (x axis, Units: E vs RHE), J_Mo:TiO2_XXX (y axis, Units: Photocurrent density/mA cm^-2) - J-Time curves: Time (x axis, Units: Time/seconds), J_Mo:TiO2-XXX (y axis, Units: Photocurrent density/mA cm^-2) - Nyquist plots: Mo:TiO2-XXX_ R (x axis, Units: Real part/ohms), Mo:TiO2-XXX-I (y axis, Units: Imaginary part/ohms)

Documentation Files

Data collection method.pdf
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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre in Sustainable Chemical Technologies

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

Nanostructured Metal Oxides for Solar Fuels

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Publication date: 19 September 2018
by: University of Bath

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Related papers and books

Regue, M., Armstrong, K., Walsh, D., Richards, E., Johnson, A. L., and Eslava, S., 2018. Mo-doped TiO2photoanodes using [Ti4Mo2O8(OEt)10]2bimetallic oxo cages as a single source precursor. Sustainable Energy & Fuels, 2(12), 2674-2686. Available from:

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