Dataset for 'How smart do smart meters need to be?'

Mogles, N., Walker, I., Ramallo-González, A., Lee, J., Natarajan, S., Padget, J., Gabe-Thomas, E., Hyniewska, S., Lovett, T., Ren, G., O'Neill, E., Hourizi, R., Coley, D., 2016. Dataset for 'How smart do smart meters need to be?'. University of Bath.

Dataset abstract

This dataset consists of three subsets that represent several variables related to energy consumption in 43 households in the UK: 1) households' internal temperature, CO2 level, gas and electricity consumption before, during and after digital energy feedback phase; 2) energy literacy before and after the digital feedback; 3) user experience data after the digital energy feedback interventions.

Title: Dataset for 'How smart do smart meters need to be?'
Subjects: Design > Product Design
Energy > Energy - Conventional
Energy > Energy Efficiency
Information and communication technologies > Human-Computer Interactions
Departments: Faculty of Engineering & Design > Architecture & Civil Engineering
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences > Psychology
Faculty of Science > Computer Science

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