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Al-Shimmery, Abouther and Mattia, Davide and Chew, Y. M. John and Mazinani, Saeed and Ji, Jing (2018) Dataset for "3D Printed composite membranes with enhanced anti-fouling behaviour”. [Data Collection]

Albadra, Dima and Coley, David and Hart, Jason (2018) Data for 'Toward healthy housing for the displaced'. [Data Collection]

Alves Da Silva, Marcelo and Calabrese, Vincenzo and Schmitt, Julien and Celebi, Duygu and Scott, Janet L. and Edler, Karen (2018) Dataset for "Alcohol induced gelation of TEMPO-oxidized cellulose nanofibril dispersions". [Data Collection]


Bending, Simon and Curran, Peter and Mohammed, Hussen and Koshelev, Alex (2018) Dataset for "Tuning the structure of the Josephson vortex lattice in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ single crystals with pancake vortices". [Data Collection]

Blenkinsopp, Chris and Martins, Kevin (2018) Dataset for "High-resolution monitoring of wave transformation in the surf zone using a LiDAR scanner array". [Data Collection]

Bonvoisin, Jeremy (2018) Python scripts for investigating Open Source Hardware GitHub repositories. [Data Collection]

Bonvoisin, Jeremy and Buchert, Tom (2018) Design Dependencies Visualisation Tool - initial alpha release. [Data Collection]

Brewer, Tobias and Jack, Robert (2018) Data for 'Efficient characterisation of large deviations using population dynamics'. [Data Collection]


Calabrese, Vincenzo and Schmitt, Julien and Edler, Karen and Alves Da Silva, Marcelo and Scott, Janet (2018) Dataset for "Understanding heat driven gelation of anionic cellulose nanofibrils: Combining Saturation Transfer Difference (STD) NMR, Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) and rheology". [Data Collection]

Calabrese, Vincenzo and da Silva, Marcelo and Schmitt, Julien and Munoz-Garcia, Juan and Gabrielli, Valeria and Scott, Janet and Angulo, Jesus and Khimyak, Yaroslav Z. and Edler, Karen (2018) Dataset for "Surfactant controlled zwitterionic cellulose nanofibril dispersions". [Data Collection]

Carroll, Harriet (2018) Dataset for "The effect of acute hypohydration on glycemia in healthy adults". [Data Collection]

Castresana, Pablo Ampudia and Monasterio Martinez, Sara and Freeman, Emma and Eslava, Salvador and Di Lorenzo, Mirella (2018) Dataset for 'Electricity generation from moss with light-driven microbial fuel cells'. [Data Collection]

Chaliasou, Anna (2018) Data set for journal paper "Chemical aspects related to using recycled geopolymers as an aggregate". [Data Collection]

Chowdhury, Enhad and Betts, James (2018) Postprandial metabolism and appetite do not differ between lean adults that eat breakfast or morning fast for 6 weeks-dataset. [Data Collection]

Chuck, Chris (2018) Dataset for "A synergistic use of microalgae and macroalgae for heavy metal bioremediation and bioenergy production through hydrothermal liquefaction". [Data Collection]

Chuck, Chris (2018) Dataset for "Elevated production of the aromatic fragrance molecule, 2-phenylethanol, using Metschnikowia pulcherrima through both de novo and ex novo conversion in batch and continuous modes". [Data Collection]

Coley, David (2018) Dataset for "A socio-mathematical approach to exploring conflicts between energy retrofit and perceived heritage character". [Data Collection]

Collins, Joel and Hooper, David and Mark, Andrew and Kuppe, Christian (2018) Dataset for "Second Harmonic Generation Optical Rotation Solely Attributable to Chirality in Plasmonic Metasurfaces". [Data Collection]

Collins, Joel and Valev, Ventsislav and Zheng, Xuezhi and Slenders, Eli and Zu, Shuai and Vandenbosch, Guy and Fang, Zheyu and Ameloot, Marcel (2018) Dataset for "Enantiomorphing chiral plasmonic nanostructures: a counter-intuitive sign reversal of the nonlinear circular dichroism". [Data Collection]

Cooper, Sam (2018) Data supporting article: Energy saving potential of high temperature heat pumps in the UK food and drink sector. [Data Collection]

Coulon, Pierre-Marie (2018) Dataset for "Deep-UV Emission From Highly-Ordered AlGaN/AlN Core-Shell Nanorods". [Data Collection]

Coulon, Pierre-Marie and Kusch, Gunnar (2018) Data set for Hybrid top-down/bottom-up fabrication of highly uniform and organized faceted AlN nanorod scaffold. [Data Collection]


Ellis, Marianne (2018) Dataset for "Next-generation in vitro liver model design: combining a permeable polystyrene membrane with a transdifferentiated cell line". [Data Collection]


Fletcher, James and Williams, Sean and Whitehouse, Michael and Gill, Harinderjit and Preatoni, Ezio (2018) Data for "Juvenile bovine bone is an appropriate surrogate for normal and reduced density human bone in biomechanical testing". [Data Collection]

Fosas, Daniel and Coley, David and Natarajan, Sukumar and Herrera Fernandez, Manuel and Fosas de Pando, Miguel and Ramallo-Gonzalez, Alfonso (2018) Dataset for "Mitigation versus adaptation: Does insulating buildings increase overheating risk?". [Data Collection]

Francis-Jones, Robert (2018) Dataset for "Fibre-integrated noise gating of high-purity heralded single photons". [Data Collection]

Fullekrug, Martin (2018) Data for the publication 'First Map of Coherent Low Frequency Continuum Radiation in the Sky'. [Data Collection]

Fullekrug, Martin (2018) Data for the publication: 'Detection of low frequency continuum radiation'. [Data Collection]


Giardina, Giorgia (2018) Dataset for "Evaluation of InSAR monitoring data for post-tunnelling settlement damage assessment". [Data Collection]

Girgel, Ionut and Šatka, Alexander and Priesol, Juraj and Coulon, Pierre-Marie and Le Boulbar, Emmanuel and Batten, Tim and Allsopp, Duncan and Shields, Philip (2018) Dataset for Optical characterization of magnesium incorporation in p-GaN layers for core–shell nanorod light-emitting diodes. [Data Collection]


Harris, Michael (2018) Örenäs Research Group: survey for GPs. [Data Collection]

Herrera Fernandez, Manuel and Ramallo-González, Alfonso and Eames, Matt and Ferreira, Aida A. and Coley, David (2018) Quantile Regression Ensemble Summer Year (QRESY). [Data Collection]


Ji, Jing and Mattia, Davide and Low, Ze Xian (2018) Dataset for "Fouling Resistant 2D Boron Nitride Nanosheet – PES Nanofiltration Membranes". [Data Collection]

Jiang, Yunhong and Lawrence, Robert (2018) Dataset for 'Cell wall microstructure, pore size distribution and absolute density of hemp shiv'. [Data Collection]

Johns, Marcus and Bae, Yong Ho and Guimarães, Francisco and Lanzoni, Evandro M. and Costa, Carlos A. and Deneke, Christoph and Galembeck, Fernando and Scott, Janet and Sharma, Ram (2018) Dataset for "Predicting Ligand-Free Cell Attachment on Next Generation Cellulose-Chitosan Hydrogels". [Data Collection]


Kelsh, Robert and Petratou, Kleio and Subkhankulova, Tatiana (2018) Dataset for "A systems biology approach uncovers the core gene regulatory network governing iridophore fate choice from the neural crest". [Data Collection]

Koh, Kuang Liang and Fullekrug, Martin (2018) Dataset for Radio Science "Lower ionosphere effects on narrowband VLF transmission propagation: fast variabilities and frequency dependence". [Data Collection]

Kuppe, Christian and You, Jie and Gordeev, Sergey and Panoiu, Nicolae-Coriolan (2018) Dataset for "Circular dichroism in higher-order diffraction beams from chiral quasi-planar nanostructures". [Data Collection]


Liu, Zhongjian (2018) Data for Lightning Sferics: Complex Waveform Analysis. [Data Collection]


Martins, Kévin and Blenkinsopp, Christopher (2018) Dataset for "Energy dissipation in the inner surf zone: new insights from LiDAR-based roller geometry measurements". [Data Collection]

Martins, Kévin and Blenkinsopp, Christopher (2018) Dataset for "The influence of swash-based reflection on surf zone hydrodynamics: a wave-by-wave approach". [Data Collection]

Mattia, Davide and Medina Llamas, Maria (2018) Dataset for 'Semi-continuous production of iron oxide nanoparticles via membrane emulsification'. [Data Collection]

Milo, Scarlet and Acosta, Florianne Bianca and Hathaway, Hollie and Wallace, Laura and Thet, Naing and Jenkins, Toby (2018) Dataset for 'Development of an Infection-Responsive Fluorescent Sensor for the Early Detection of Urinary Catheter Blockage'. [Data Collection]

Morgan, Benjamin (2018) DFT Data Analysis: Intercalation of X=(Li, Na, Mg, Ca, Al) into (F/OH)-substituted anatase TiO2. [Data Collection]

Morgan, Benjamin (2018) DFT Dataset: Mg Intercalation into (OH,F)-Substituted Anatase TiO2. [Data Collection]

Morgan, Benjamin (2018) DFT dataset: Impact of Anionic Vacancies on the Local and Electronic Structures of Iron-based Oxyfluoride Electrodes. [Data Collection]

Morgan, Benjamin (2018) DFT dataset: X=(Li,Na,Ca,Mg,Al) Intercalation into (F/OH)-Substituted Anatase TiO2. [Data Collection]


Nearchou, Antony (2018) Dataset for "Systematic approaches towards template-free synthesis of EMT-type zeolites". [Data Collection]


O'Rourke, Conn and Morgan, Benjamin (2018) DFT Dataset for "Interfacial Strain Effects on Lithium Diffusion Pathways in the Spinel Solid Electrolyte Li-Doped MgAl2O4". [Data Collection]

Omojola, Toyin and Cherkasov, Nikolay and Rebrov, Evgeny and Lukyanov, Dmitry and Perera, Semali (2018) Dataset for "Zeolite Minilith: A Unique Structured Catalyst for the Methanol to Gasoline Process". [Data Collection]


Parker, Steve and Molinari, Marco and Yeandel, Stephen (2018) Data for "The Impact of Tilt Grain Boundaries on the Thermal Transport in Perovskite SrTiO3 Layered Nanostructures. A Computational Study". [Data Collection]

Parkin, Anna (2018) Dataset for "Energy or Carbon? Exploring the relative size of universal zero carbon and zero energy design spaces". [Data Collection]

Pering, Sam and Kubiak, Peter and Deng, Wentao and Niemann, Ralf and Brivio, Federico and Ghosh, Dibyajyoti and Troughton, Joel R. and Jeffrey, Florence and Johnson, Andrew and Lewis, Simon and Walker, Alison and Watson, Trystan M. and Islam, Sailful and Raithby, Paul and Cameron, Petra (2018) Raw Data for Azetidinium Lead Iodide for Perovskite Solar Cells. [Data Collection]

Perkin, Oliver and McGuigan, Polly and Thompson, Dylan and Stokes, Keith (2018) Data set for 'Habitual physical activity levels do not predict leg strength and power in healthy, active older adults'. [Data Collection]

Poli, Isabella and Cameron, Petra (2018) Dataset for ''Screen printed carbon CsPbBr3 perovskite solar cells with high open-circuit photovoltage''. [Data Collection]

Poli, Isabella and Cameron, Petra (2018) Dataset for Enhancing the hydrophobicity of perovskite solar cells using C18 capped CH3NH3PbI3 nanocrystals. [Data Collection]


Regue Grino, Miriam and Armstrong, Katherine and Walsh, Dominic and Richards, Emma and Johnson, Andrew and Eslava Fernandez, Salvador (2018) Data set for: Mo-doped TiO2 photoanodes using [Ti4Mo2O8(OEt)10]2 bimetallic oxo cages as a single source precursor. [Data Collection]

Rood, Shawn and Ahmet, Huseyin and Reina, Tomas and Torrente-Murciano, Laura and Gomez-Ramon, Anais and Eslava Fernandez, Salvador (2018) Dataset for 'Enhanced Ceria Nanoflakes using Graphene Oxide as a Sacrificial Template for CO Oxidation and Dry Reforming of Methane'. [Data Collection]


Salmon, Philip and Zeidler, Anita (2018) Data sets for article entitled "Structure of semiconducting versus fast-ion conducting glasses in the Ag-Ge-Se system". [Data Collection]

Salmon, Philip and Zeidler, Anita (2018) Data sets for the paper "Topological Ordering and Viscosity in the Glass-Forming Ge-Se System: The Search for a Structural or Dynamical Signature of the Intermediate Phase". [Data Collection]

Sanchez Fernandez, Adrian and Hammond, Oliver and Edler, Karen (2018) Data supporting: Counterion binding alters surfactant self-assembly in deep eutectic solvents. [Data Collection]

Sanchez Fernandez, Adrian and Murfin, Lloyd and Edler, Karen and Lewis, Simon (2018) Data supporting "Self-assembly and surface behaviour of pure and mixed zwitterionic amphiphiles in a deep eutectic solvent". [Data Collection]

Schmitt, Julien (2018) Dataset for "TEMPO-oxidized cellulose nanofibrils; probing the mechanisms of gelation via Small Angle X-Ray Scattering". [Data Collection]

Simoncelli, Stefano and Wain, Danielle (2018) Acoustic backscatter strength and turbulence data from Vobster Quay (24-28 June 2016). [Data Collection]

Simoncelli, Stefano and Wain, Danielle and Thackeray, Stephen (2018) Dataset for "On biogenic turbulence production and mixing from 1 vertically migrating zooplankton in lakes". [Data Collection]

Sloan, Peter and Rusimova, Kristina and Purkiss, Rebecca and Crampin, Simon (2018) Data for paper: Regulating the femtosecond excited-state lifetime of a single molecule. [Data Collection]


Walsh, Dominic (2018) Dataset for 'Exploring effects of intermittent light upon visible light promoted water oxidations'. [Data Collection]

Wood, Harry and Harrington, Kerrianne and Knight, Jonathan and Birks, Timothy and Stone, James (2018) Data for "High resolution air-clad imaging fibers". [Data Collection]

Wright, Thomas and Mosley, Peter (2018) Dataset for Two-way photonic interface for linking the Sr + transition at 422 nm to the telecommunication C band. [Data Collection]


Xu, Lili (2018) Electrically tuneable polyaniline membranes: Influence of polymerization temperature on in-filtration electrical tuneability of flux and MWCO. [Data Collection]


Yang, Yuanzhang (2018) Dataset for "Wound Fibre Reinforced Polymer shear reinforcement for non-prismatic concrete beams". [Data Collection]

Yerolatsitis, Stephanos (2018) Dataset for Ultra-low background Raman sensing using a negative-curvature fibre and no distal optics. [Data Collection]

Yu, Fei (2018) Dataset for "Single-mode solarization-free hollow-core fiber for ultraviolet pulse delivery". [Data Collection]

Yu, Fei (2018) Dataset for ''Continuous-Wave Mid-Infrared Gas Fiber Lasers''. [Data Collection]


Zimmer, Johannes (2018) In conversation with Edward Fraenkel. [Data Collection]

Zimmer, Johannes and Embacher, Peter and Dirr, Nicolas and Reina, Celia (2018) Codes for "Computing diffusivities from particle models out of equilibrium". [Data Collection]

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