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Bergsma, Erwin, Blenkinsopp, Chris, Martins, Kévin (2019) Dataset for "Bore collapse and wave run-up on a sandy beach". [Data Collection]


Casanova, Serena, Borg, Matthew, Chew, John, Mattia, Davide (2019) Dataset for "Surface-Controlled Water Flow in Nanotube Membranes". [Data Collection]


Davey, Stephen (2019) Dataset for "A multi-variable study of factors affecting the complex resistivity of conductive mortar". [Data Collection]

De Groof, Vicky, Coma Bech, Marta, Arnot, Tom, Leak, David, Lanham, Ana (2019) Dataset on experimental data available in the literature on "Medium chain carboxylic acids from complex organic feedstock by mixed culture fermentation". [Data Collection]

Dodson, Charlotte, Gilburt, James, Ying, Liming (2019) Single molecule experimental data for unphosphorylated Aurora-A measurements in Gilburt et al, Chemical Science 2019. [Data Collection]


Edinburgh, Rob, Hengist, Aaron, Smith, Harry, Travers, Rebecca, Koumanov, Francoise, Betts, James, Thompson, Dylan, Walhin, Jean-Philippe, Wallis, Gareth, Hamilton, D. Lee, Stevenson, Emma, Tipton, Kevin, Gonzalez, Javier (2019) Dataset for 'Pre-Exercise Breakfast Ingestion versus Extended Overnight Fasting Increases Postprandial Glucose Flux after Exercise in Healthy Men: Pre-exercise feeding and postprandial glucose flux'. [Data Collection]

Ellis, Marianne (2019) Dataset for Hollow-fiber membrane technology: Characterization and proposed use as a potential mimic of skin vascularization towards the development of a novel skin absorption in vitro model. [Data Collection]

Enria, Luisa (2019) Qualitative data for states of emergency: citizenship in crisis in Sierra Leone 2017. [Data Collection]

Estopina-Duran, Susana, Donnelly, Liam, Mclean, Euan, Hockin, Bryony, Slawin, Alexandra M.Z., Taylor, James (2019) Data for Aryl boronic acid-catalysed dehydrative substitution of benzylic alcohols for C-O bond formation. [Data Collection]


Hammond, Oliver, Edler, Karen (2019) Data supporting "Structure and properties of ‘Type IV’ lanthanide nitrate hydrate:urea deep eutectic solvents". [Data Collection]


Kelsh, Robert, Camargo Sosa, Karen, Colanesi, Sarah, Müller, Jeanette (2019) Dataset for "Endothelin receptor Aa regulates proliferation and differentiation of Erb-dependant pigment progenitors in zebrafish". [Data Collection]

Kivimäki, Timo (2019) Coding of US Presidential discourse on protection. [Data Collection]


Ladlow, Peter (2019) Data for "Validating the use of multi-sensor devices to estimate physical activity energy expenditure in UK military amputees". [Data Collection]


Marchiori Pereira, Estefani, Bending, Simon (2019) Dataset for: "Mapping the flux penetration profile in a 2G-HTS tape at the microscopic scale: deviations from a classical critical state model". [Data Collection]

Marsh, Alastair (2019) Dataset for "A mild conditions synthesis route to produce hydrosodalite from kaolinite, compatible with extrusion processing". [Data Collection]

Marsh, Alastair (2019) Dataset for "Alkali activation behaviour of un-calcined montmorillonite and illite clay minerals". [Data Collection]

McCluskey, Andrew, Grant, Robert, Smith, Andrew, Rawle, Jonathan, Barlow, David, Lawrence, Jayne, Parker, Stephen, Edler, Karen (2019) Dataset for "Applying molecular simulation to the analysis of lipid monolayer reflectometry". [Data Collection]

McCluskey, Andrew, Sanchez Fernandez, Adrian, Edler, Karen, Parker, Stephen, Jackson, Andrew, Campbell, Richard, Arnold, Thomas (2019) Dataset for "Bayesian determination of the effect of a deep eutectic solvent on the structure of lipid monolayers". [Data Collection]


Tonks, Zak (2019) 'On Fast Matrix Inversion' Cancellations Demonstration Worksheet. [Data Collection]


Walsh, Dominic, Eslava, Salvador, Zhang, Jifang, Regue Grino, Miriam, Dassanayake, Ruchi (2019) Dataset for 'Simultaneous Formation of FeOx Electrocatalyst Coating within Hematite Photoanodes for Solar Water Splitting'. [Data Collection]

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